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Nuclear Fallout Radio Schedule


The Church of Hard Rock & Metal: Praise be to the Gods of ROCK!


New #AlbumTuesday: The only show in Hard Rock & Metal radio to bring you an entire album on the day it's released. Tune in to listen along and then hear our review! Tuesdays at 7p CST


Hard Rockin' Metal #Weekend: The show that started it all in 2005. Today's best Hard Rock & Metal artists along with the artists of tomorrow as well as DJ Pablo's realistic view on the world around. You might get some politics from time to time, but no matter your viewpoint you'll be getting LOUD along with this DJ who is like no other. Fridays at 8p CST


Cranked Up LIVE!: The syndicated Hard Rock show that brings you today's hits, a little bit of comedy and killer interviews. Saturdays at 12p CST.


The #IndieWarzone: Almost 4 hours worth of nothing but today's up and coming Indie Hard Rock & Metal artists. When you're scrambling to figure out who's kick ass songs you're listening to, look no further than the #IndieWarzone page right here on NFR. Every night at 8p CST

The Rock Goddess Power Hour: Nothing but bands led by women of killer bands. These hard rockin' bands will have you begging for more music with the Rock Goddess in charge. Every Night at 5p CST.

Mandatory TOOL: As the name implies it's a mandatory 45 mins of nothing but TOOL. Every night at 12:30a