Arkenstone Debuts New Single ‘Tree of Witches’

For lovers of Candlemass and Black Sabbath, the new video from Arkenstone, entitled “Tree of Witches,” reanimates souls of a million passed to deliver a skull crushing song of epic proportions – which is the second clip overall issued from their forthcoming EP (released on December 3, 2021), ‘Ascension of the Fallen,’ and can be viewed here:

The Australian based band features the incredible talent of singer Louie Gorgievski, guitarist/producer Stu Marshall (Death Dealer / Dungeon / Night Legion), Mike Lepond (Symphony X / Death Dealer) on bass, and drummer Clay T (Night Legion).

As Marshall explains: “There is no doubt Candlemass has been a huge influence and in turn that must also mean Black Sabbath, right? Well, ‘Tree of Witches’ was one of the first riffs I presented to Louie and he conjured some incredibly powerful vocals that instantly found itself as the first song we wrote together for this band. It’s dark, evil, and a headbanger.” 

Gorgievski adds: “This is the track that reignited our song writing partnership and essentially is the creation of Arkenstone. ‘Tree of Witches’ is the foundation of the ‘Ascension of the Fallen’ EP. It inspired power, emotion, and delves in the dark realms of witchcraft. Stu Marshall’s musical genius delivers a timeless and riffy classic – ‘Tree of Witches’ presents as the ultimate rock anthem”.

Concerning the band’s mysterious name, according to, “In the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien (most notably in ‘The Hobbit’) the Arkenstone is the great jewel discovered beneath the roots of Erebor (The Lonely Mountain) by Thráin I soon after the establishment of the Dwarf-kingdom there, and prized by his descendants as ‘The Heart of the Mountain’.”



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