Community Beer Co.’s 9th Anniversary Success!

Today, Community Beer Co. in Dallas celebrated its 9th anniversary with a totally 90’s theme! From the music playing, to the style of their drink cards, all the way down to drink names, the brewery hit it out of the park with this event. The main highlight? The new Community Kitchen that opened alongside the anniversary celebrations.

First, the beer. We tried a variety of brews with our 8 sample card. The first one we tried at one of the outdoor stations upon entering the event was the Oaked Mosaic IPA. The Mosiac is one of the brewery’s signature beers, so we were excited to try this new rendition. The typical mosaic hop notes could be tasted, along with the coconut and vanilla notes. We didn’t taste much of the mentioned honey or wood notes, but it was a good start to the day nonetheless. The second brew we tried was the signature 9th Anniversary Black IPA. Surprisingly refreshing and not so hoppy for an IPA, this was a very welcomed addition to the Community lineup. A dark look, hints of an IPA with some cocoa flavors really bring this beer out. While it may not be here to Stay, Community should work to keep something permanently in their rotation. The other brews we tried included the Barrel Aged Mocha Legion, Saved By the Nibbs: The Nib Years, ZZ Hop IPA, Commonwealth IPA, and an awesome Mole Legion. The Mole Legion left us wanting more with its cinnamon, habanero, ancho chile, and chipotle flavoring. This Russian Imperial Stour was definitely a highlight of the experience and a true stout with a bite in the back of our throat. This was probably the spiciest beer of the day and well worth making it our last pour of the afternoon.

Community finally opened their long-awaited community kitchen with a mix of burgers and hotdogs/brats on the menu. We opted to try the signature smash burger and we were not disappointed. From the bun to the meat and toppings, this is bar none one of the best burger experiences we have had in DFW. Even this DJ loves joints like Kincaids out of Fort Worth and this burger could give any classic joint a run for its money. Perfectly seasoned meat, toppings, and just the right amount of messy sauce made this burger a want-to-have, even if you are not at the brewery to drink for the day. Finally, designated drivers have something to look forward to. Add onto the experience very well-seasoned and crispy fries and this is the best brewery kitchen in Dallas/Fort Worth by a mile! Now, we are not including restaurant breweries like Union Bear in Plano who are more restaurant than brewery, however, the food at Community so far could make the argument that it is okay to be a brewery first and serve awesome food second.

All in all the Community 9th anniversary experience was well worth the wait along with the Community Kitchen. We can’t wait to see what the brewer has in store in the months to come. One thing is for sure, if you live in Dallas, or are just visiting, you are missing out if you don’t add Community Beer Co. to your list of places to visit.