Comedic Group Nanowar of Steel Release ‘Armpits Of Immortals’

NANOWAR OF STEEL have proven themselves to be the masters of comedic and parody-infused metal! After numerous shows this year at Europe’s biggest festivals like Hellfest and Summer Breeze, the legendary Italian parody metallers successfully close the festival season with their brand-new single “Armpits Of Immortals”, out now via Napalm Records! Once again, the band presents comedic writing as they describe the pleasant smell of armpits being lifted to the air. Joining the quintet is former Manowar guitarist Ross “The Boss” Friedman, playing some amazing riffs.
The heavy metal hymn, “Armpits Of Immortals”, will shake you to the core with energetic riffs and powerful chants. NANOWAR OF STEEL give audiences a really good time and the festival season is already sorely missed by the band and their fans alike. The video, produced by Valerio Fea and Beaver Prod, catches the incredible feeling of rocking out with the Italian band.

NANOWAR OF STEEL on “Armpits Of Immortals”:
“This song is a celebration of the coming back of the festival season, not because we like to play live but because we like smelling other people’s strong body odor!”

Gaining millions of views and streams for their famous hits “Norwegian Reggaeton” (ft. Charly Glamour & Gigatron), “Valhalleluja” (ft. Angus McFive) and the party song “Uranus” (ft. Michael Starr), NANOWAR OF STEEL have created some of the most hilarious music videos ever seen! After a long and painful time without festivals, the band was finally back on stage this year to present their latest record Italian Folk Metal. Being on the biggest European festivals like Summer Breeze, Hellfest, Sabaton Open Air, Bloodstock Open Air, Metal Days, Dong Open Air and many more, the Italian parody metallers enchanted new and old fans alike.

In case you have missed the chance to see the comedic-infused heavy metal masters live, there is no reason to cry. NANOWAR OF STEEL will be back with their expanded European tour Death To False Tours in Spring of 2023!



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